Graffiti is a browser bookmarklet/extension that highlights items with ixbrl tags and shows you the name of the tag on mouse over. When you click the graffiti button it will instantly highlight all items in the accounts that have been tagged. The tool puts security at it’s core, on every use the app will securely update itself and then work completely off-line in a secure 100% in a secure sandbox.

Firefox. Install the graffiti add on from from Mozilla.

Chrome Chrome Chrome extension

1. Enable the browser bookmark bar.
2. Drag this link to the browser bookmark bar –> Graffiti (S-TechA) beta

Graffiti (S-TechA) beta

Usage Instructions
A. Open a set of iXBRL accounts with your browser.
B. Press the Graffiti bookmarklet/button.

You can add the bookmarklet as a normal bookmark if you don’t want to use the bookmark bar
Graffiti supports chrome, internet explorer and opera