Customise fonts, colors and other styles

You can customise the fonts, colors and other styles used by Graffiti or the iXBRL document, using a user stylesheet. There are two ways to use your own stylesheet.

Local stylesheet

Place a stylesheet named “user.graffiti.css” into the same directory as the target iXBRL document. Graffiti will automatically load the stylesheet.

Standard hosted stylesheet

Host your stylesheet online and configure your bookmarklet to use it. ((Host the stylesheet online and pass the href(online or relative) to Graffiti using variable STA_G_STYLESHEET_USER, which can be added to the end of the bookmarklet.e.g. javascript:var … ;})();var STA_G_STYLESHEET_USER=””;)) The bookmarklet below uses an example user stylesheet which shows how in a few lines you can use a traditional font like Times New Roman and use a greyscale color scheme.

You can create your own customised bookmarklet by entering your stylesheet location below and clicking generate bookmarklet.

Creating your own stylesheet

You can use the example stylesheet( as a template and guide to get started. For more complicated changes you may need to refer to the default stylesheet(