Graffiti Released

Graffiti adds secure and modern iXBRL viewer functionality to your web browser. It's a breeze to add to any major browser1 and simple to run with just the touch of a button. Graffiti is fast, locally processing and augmenting any open iXBRL document within a few seconds; highlighting all tagged items, making the iXBRL data viewable and enabling review functionality. Graffiti has a simple and intuitive user interface, so users of any technical ability can get up and running straight away. There is no quicker or easier way to view and interrogate iXBRL documents.

iXBRL formatted financial statements include a significant amount of important information as iXBRL data, which is only accessible using specialist tools such as an iXBRL viewer. While there are many benefits of using an iXBRL viewer, use is low. It’s rare for someone viewing an iXBRL document to have access to an iXBRL viewer, and for those that do, often use is still low due to workflow/performance issues. So, we developed Graffiti to be quick and straightforward to use, allowing for high levels use even in fast-paced business environments. Since iXBRL data forms an integral part of financial statements, we believe it should be easily assessable to all. Hence we have released a free version of Graffiti that takes seconds to add to any browser, meaning that now everyone has easy access to an iXBRL viewer.

The Graffiti open beta gained a following of passionate users in part due to it being the fastest and simplest way to view the iXBRL data contained within a document. We've kept these as cornerstones as we tweaked existing features and added new ones. The official release provides a significant upgrade to the beta.

Key Features:

A bookmarklet is just like a bookmark but runs an app when clicked.

  • To set up, you just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar
  • It doesn't require installing any software or need admin permissions
  • You just click the bookmarklet to run over an open iXBRL document

The graffiti feature allows you to add graffiti/notes to the document.

  • The notes are linked to the selected content both visually and by the text
  • The notes are moveable for optimum placement
  • The notes are fully searchable

Smart search allows users to easily search across the iXBRL tags and values.

  • The "search as you type" functionality provides users with a real-time filtered list, saving users time
  • Common mistakes and problems are automatically dealt with by the engine, meaning you no longer need to worry whether to include capital letters, currency symbols, commas, etc.

Security based architecture makes Graffiti ideal for viewing sensitive and confidential documents.

  • The auto-update feature ensures you always have the latest security and bug fixes
  • Once loaded Graffiti runs completely locally2so no data or metadata about your document is leaked even to us
  • The compact and tested codebase was designed with a security focus and with limit attack vectors. For example, the codebase doesn't rely on any external libraries3 which are generally sources of bugs and security issues.

The STA iXBRL engine provides unparalleled performance

  • The engine is written entirely in JavaScript a language designed for HTML like iXBRL documents. This allows for rich integrated features and unparalleled performance

Graffiti is so quick and easy to use it took us less than a minute to setup Graffiti, run it over an iXBRL document, search across a table of numerical tags, view tagged data, add graffiti/notes, and more.

Click for high-quality video and detailed description

If you want to learn more about iXBRL and the benefits of using an iXBRL viewer like Graffiti, then click here.

We are confident Graffiti provides the quickest and simplest way to properly view iXBRL documents, but there is no better way to assess Graffiti than to try it yourself. So just follow the setup instructions below and within seconds you'll be ready to test Graffiti with any iXBRL documents you like. Or if you want to try first then check out our fully functional demonstration.

Setup now

Please read and agree to the licensing agreement before using.

To add Graffiti to your browser4 simply drag the bookmarklet below to your bookmark bar. 56

?Graffiti (S)?⬅ Drag this to your bookmark bar

That's it, all done. To use it simply open an iXBRL document then press the Graffiti bookmarklet. Here try it out on these accounts.

Once you've setup Graffiti, why don't you try out most major features and win up to £100 by entering into our competition?

We also have standard and premium versions of Graffiti which have fewer restrictions and additional features. To learn more about the different versions and the bespoke configuration options we provide click here.

Powered by Graffiti by S-Tech Analytics in partnership with Cloudologix

  1. Graffiti supports and has been tested against Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and IE(limited), but should support any other modern browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox if you experience any problems since they have been extensively tested.
  2. The standard bookmarklet requires internet access to fetch and load the latest version of Graffiti. Once loaded Graffiti runs completely locally. For complete offline use we have a bookmarklet with an embedded version of Graffiti.
  3. While the codebase only uses standard browser calls and does not rely on external libraries some releases use libraries for cross-browser support. The Chrome release does not include any external libraries.
  4. Graffiti supports and has been tested against Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and IE(limited), but should support any other modern browser. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox if you experience any problems since they have been extensively tested.
  5. If you wish to use a user style sheet you can create your bespoke bookmarklet here.
  6. If you are using it on a locked-down setup/network and it doesn't work then contact us to try the embedded version.