Competition using Graffiti

We are holding a competition to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to use Graffiti. The winner will get £100. The top three users will get a Graffiti licence (Premium). All entrants will get a Graffiti licence(Standard).

How fast can you complete the following actions?

  • Setup Graffiti
  • Open up an ixbrl document
  • Click on an ixbrl tagged item
  • Search for an ixbrl tagged item(search term must be at least 3 characters)
  • Navigate to searched item
  • Add graffiti to the document(At least 3 words)

Below is an example, demonstrating the above in less than a minute.

Top Times

Tony A.37s
Karen W.39s
Nathan P.44s

If you don’t already have Graffiti setup then you can find the instruction on how to do it within seconds here.

How to enter

Reccord a video of you completeing the bulleted points above. (On Win 10 press win + g to bring up a reccording interface).

Send your video to by 31 March 2020