We believe that everyone should easily be able to view the iXBRL data contained within documents. So we have made the base version of Graffiti available to all for free.

The standard and premium versions of Graffiti have fewer restrictions and additional features. 

Versiongraffiti/notes LimitExport Limit


There are also two form factors normal and embedded. The normal type automatically updates on each run.

If you have an unusual setup, limited internet access, or security concerns the embedded version of Graffiti works 100% offline, with everything contained within the bookmarklet.

Secure private network setups

For the security-focused organization, we can set up Graffiti on your private or corporate network such that Graffiti load the latest audited version of graffiti from the private network without requiring any internet access.

Upgrade now

Please contact us to discuss the appropriate upgrade for you.